Referrals & Finders Fee

There’s much to be said about building our business through referrals or Finders Fees. For one thing, it’s a lot cheaper than advertising and less time-consuming than cold calling. And there’s nothing like having clients who think enough of our services that they’re willing to recommend us to others.

Why are we are starting a referral or Finders fee program,

It doesn’t take an in-depth reading of today’s economic news to understand that times are tough. So, the prospect of receiving a monetary reward from a referral to our business means a lot, providing a great deal of good will. It makes the difference between your referrer’s being able to pay a bill or two, or needing to contact the creditors to ask for more time. Or it could make for a nice date night for your referrer and your wife or husband – You first in a very long time.

Referral fees can also serve as the seeds we plant for repeat business. And repeat business from satisfied clients is a lot easier to get than new business from people we’ve never dealt with at before.

If the above reasons make sense to you, then your next decisions will be: We also Offer free consultations to new referrals

  1. A referral fee we pay for our Cleaning services is $25 and $100 for Restoration & Reconstruction Services. We give $25-per-referral girt cards to customers  The goal is to build the business by offering the $25 gift cards to people who’d referred others. Our new Customers get the same Gift card.
  2.  This is a fixed amount and it could be based on a percentage of the closed sale 10% to the client to whom you’ve referred to what ever is the higher percentage!
  3. Aslo about future sales to that referred client! They also are covered by referral fees!  So if we get repeat business from that costumer you also benefit.
  4. EASY to refer you. Here’s how:Incentives
    A gift, a commission or a reduction on your own bill, for clients to help themselves. . We think of incentives more as the carrot to push a referrer from ‘thinking about referring us’ to ‘actually referring us’.It’s really important to us that we offer incentives and to do it with tact and care. This is because you don’t want our clients to feel we are trying to buy them and neither do you want their referrals to think they were referred for some other reason than is awesome .
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